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Tell him or not??

An interesting topic that started off in Mohaly's blog:

Have your say...

I've been asked whether 3p is a lala land kinda podcast as stated in the very first post?? well....actually no, I will try to keep it as positive as possible, yet the first post was nothing more than gar regl.

Note to you:

Bear with me.  Am still struggling with technicalities :D

Have a lovely weekend,


And here we go.  My first attempt in podcasting.

this is fun :D


Since we all know am quite technically challenged, fa am still in the testing phase :D

stay tuned,


Pink Planet Podcast

Dear friends,

Welcome to the Pink Planet Podcast.  Triple P is a podcast that offers nothing but good news everyday…”The Positive Heliopolis Top Stories”. … ‘No civil war anywhere in the world. ‘not a single car accident during the last 2 years’. Kittens, how cute are they?” In-depth exposé. And the subscription is free. Delirious!!!






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